TV Updates

When we got the motorhome about 4-5 years ago i replaced the front tv with a flat screen but stayed within the limits of the existing cabinet.

I have been contemplating a 32 inch tv for sometime but it was going to require removal the giant box and additional cabinet work.

I had to metal cut the giant box as it was welded to the frame above.

It took almost 2 days but here is the results.

I cannot believe how much larger the front looks and more modern.

I would also say the mount is critical i will attache the one i finally used however getting truly secure is a challenge.

Any questions let me know


i went ahead and and replaced the tv in the bedroom as well..

This was interesting there is 4 in wall cavity between the bedroom and the bathroom(actually washer/dryer cabinet) however Winnie missed the wall cavity by about 2 inches causing the need to create a new small box.

Before the giant box cover it up.

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