Motorhome leveling jacks

Motorhome leveling jacks

Can the leveling jacks lift the motorhome off the ground I can tell you from firsthand experience yes they can but should you do this?

Again a late night pulling into a campground the site was way out of level and was sloping backwards from the road requiring the motorhome to be lifted from the rear.

Well I kept easing up the motorhome until it was nearly level it was a class c so I opened the driver’s door to examine if the back was off the ground sure enough it is.  Well this was fine for a few minutes then motorhome rolls backwards falls back to the tires the jacks had rotated fully extended folded up.

I want to say having the emergency brake set probably saved the motorhome from disaster.  Had I not done this I suspect it would have kept rolling down the hill and it was quite a drop just a few feet from where the pad ended.

Thank goodness I had done this.

So back to the jacks I do not think it is good idea to lift any part of the motorhome off the tires it is risky.

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