Campgroung Wi-Fi

Campground Wi-Fi  


Well this often a discussion and problems never end for most users.


One thing to keep in mind I have been in the technology field nearly my entire life so Wi-Fi is my life blood so knowing how to work my way around is utmost importance.


Here are the tools and things I look for.


  1. Campground Wi-Fi these days is generally decent most people would argue this but the decent portion is really not the campgrounds issue if you look around you will see antenna or dish like devices usually all around the campground. These are what you are going to be connecting too.  Now in your house you probably are relatively close you your router and I am sure you have found places that inside your home do not work well.  Well just like you own wireless campgrounds work on the exact same technology walls, roofs, trees cars and just about anything else can get in the way of the signal.  When this happens you lose connection and secondly the device connecting to that antenna is laptop, cellphone, tablet etc… they have very limited broadcast capability it you are not within a few feet it is likely your device can find the antenna but cannot reach it back. 
  2. Reaching the antenna with your device how can I do it? This is the majority of the issues we encounter service is available but reaching it well that is the challenge.  We found the wireless repeaters do the trick the generally have much more powerful broadcast capability than your device will and can cover much more ground.
    1. Here is a link to my favorites
  3. We have each of these extenders the one I think is the most simple is the TPLINK but they are all good.
  4. Now once you have wireless extender you have a couple of options to connect the public network
    1. Just use the new extender for service the TPLINK can mirror the campground and you just connect as if you are connecting to their network.
      1. This sounds the easiest and probably is however if you are like me I do not want to bog down my repeater helping other campers connect. If you do it this way any camper around you could just connect to your repeater not even knowing they are and suck up all the bandwidth you just created!
      2. Change the network id and login I recommend this because of the above. Do something like we do BlaineAmy as our network with a secret code.
    2. For the advanced user! Another option which we use is plug into the repeater with your own wireless router the repeater acts as the bridge for you always existent wireless network so you do not have to find a new network each time even if you name the network exactly the same above sometimes your device will have to be told to forget and add the network again.  I could write a long article about bands and channels but it happens.
      1. Creating your own wires router and network that is reused each time
        1. Advantages you appear as one device to the network
        2. Your devices always know your network
  • You just have to reconfigure the repeater each time and this generally can be done via the wireless network
  1. This router seems to be a pretty decent one on coverage


Now if you have the repeater and still cannot connect the campground probably has really poor coverage and/or bandwidth.  This happens at some campgrounds others no issues and other need the repeater to work.


This is our mobile Wi-Fi setup


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