Our rating system for Campgrounds


This is our first Campground review and I wanted to add some categories of 1 low to 5 high rating these ratings are our personal experience with a facility and our criteria.  We like campgrounds with things to do and nice campsites.

  • Camp site experience what is the actual campsite like enough space grass any extra like fire pits swings etc., proximity of hookups.
  • Staff Experience where they helpful friendly and courteous we rarely run into issue but on occasion there are exceptions so expect most to fall in the 3-4 range
  • Facility Experience how is the facility what do they have to do besides site there, extras and stuff are big to us,  to get a perfect 5 you are going to need to have a pool and spa in our book if you have neither you are deducted 2 points.  We rarely use bathrooms in campgrounds so i just take a general look.
  • Dog Park you can get a 0 if you have nothing but for our dogs they know a good or bad park and it is important to us
  • Wi-Fi a low rating means the coverage and bandwidth is an issue


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