Cable type TV in the RV

 After experimenting a great deal, I wanted to put out our best practices for TV while on the road.

When we camp often there is limited TV options over the air some places have cable so do not or they miss channels that we like we are sports people and like to watch games, races etc…

The devices and services we are use are Amazon Firestick, Google chromecast, a cell phone with unlimited data, wifi router, and many go apps on the cell phone.
At our home we use an internet TV service Playstation Vue it works with firestick and other devices. But on the road as long as you have some service you generally can have access to the Go APPs which I will explain later.

Amazon Firestick
The first device is the Amazon Firestick, this device is a multiple purpose device, if you have a good internet connection it can connect to many online tv services as well as it has a screen mirror function using the the miracast technology which also it to work from casting from a phone without a wifi connection. The quality of miracast is not as good as direct access but it works to watch games or other tv when you are on the road. To turn on screen mirroring you go to the settingsDisplayscreen mirroring. Once you do this it will tell you it is ready for mirror.

Smart phone, ok this is critical part, the Samsung S5 and above type devices you want a phone at the high end we we have a ZTE Max pro and Samsung S7 the S7 is heads above the ZTE as far as casting ability. The ZTE works but does stutter much more often then S7.

On you phone it will have a display option under the settings tab often the cast option is there then you select the firestick you just turned on the name should show up. If they do not connect then try rebooting everything seem to have to do this more often than one would think.

The second device we want to discuss is the Google chromecast. This device is like having a device that allows you to watch high quality tv however the caveat with this device is it must have internet access when you cast to the device it takes over the stream from the phone and uses its internet connection. We have found if you have 3-5meg connection this works well. It plugs into an hmdi port on your tv. It is controlled from most apps using the cast option or google home using the cast option their. Attached are a couple of pictures showing the apps.

Ok just about every channel you have at home has a APP to watch on your phone. Examples ESPN uses the ESPNgo APP. It gives you access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN and many other offline games that may not be available with your limited channels at home. You get to your tv using the cast option or the cast icon at the top of the APP.

The chromecast is much easier the cast icon is at the top of about every app just connect to it.

Wifi we use a booster extender and connect this device to any available wifi or we turn on a cell phone hotspot and connect to it. If you get ATT, Sprint, Tmobile they all have unlimited options please insure you have truly unlimited.

Happy on the road viewing.

Blaine and Amy

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