2002 Winnebago Journey with a Cat loss of power

Just last week we were returning from Florida and our 2002 Winnebago Journey with a Cat 3126 330 HP motor just kept getting weaker until we reached Macon Georgia where it about would not make it up the hills. We have and extended warranty and good sams road side service.

We went to the nearest Freightliner dealer which was open until 4pm this was around noon. Only to find out they do not carry and Cat parts or work on them which i find very strange. Anyways they had me call another dealer to which i spoke with a tech. He said sounds like a turbo hose or precharge leak to which i took everything apart and checked everything i could think of no leaks or hose issues.

I called the Good Sams they recommended i check a few other things but neither mention fuel filter.

After settling in for the night at a roadside Campground we had made arrangements to call the nearest CAT dealer with Good Sams on Monday we were stuck for 2 more days.

Well i got out my phone and started reading the forums and found another post sounded exactly like what I was dealing with no lights or other issues drove around town fine just lost power on hills or interstate speed.

Well I carry a spare fuel filter decided i would change in the morning. Might as well do the cheap stuff first.

Sure enough that was the issue.

Thanks for saving me days and possible unnecessary expenses.




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