Cherry Hill Park College Park Maryland

Cherry Hill Park (CHP)

Campground in College Park, Maryland


We have stayed at the park every year for the last 5 years for around 2 weeks at a time.


This is a campground in the city surrounded by interstates.  If you are looking for peace and quiet this is not the place.  I am not sure in this area there is peace and quiet.

They have cable, wifi, dogs areas, a site that that fits everyone.  The staff is generally nice and easy to work with however this year they changed reservation system and apparently failed to transfer all the reservations even though we had a receipt and charge on our credit card.  Like i said we have been here for years we have a map with sites that meet our needs and are preferred we booked on one of our top 10 sites.  Well they messed up and their solution was tough luck, you an move around sites but that is the way it is or take this site that shares a patio area with another camper or this other site that is in our opinion to close the interstate so the noise level is high.  I did not care for the attitude again their mistake became our issue. So I will ding them for this as it was their mistake and our problem.

I am trying to fair in the review but really they should have moved the people or given us a site very close to the one we booked and moved someone else that booked after us but again they were not going to do that.  So I will give them a 1 for that for staff experience.  Which is really too bad because most of the staff are nice that actually do the work around the place.

Rate $30 per night.

Here are our Ratings:

  • 4 Campground experience 
  • 1 Staff Experience
  • 5 Facility experience
  • 5 Dog Park
  • 5 Wi-Fi

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