Walt Disney World Fort Wilderness Campgrounds

Disney fort wilderness campground


We stayed June 2017

We have stayed here many times over the years it is over the top with features and things to do.  

Note this is still our top to visit park just because there is so much to do but there are few things they could do that would keep them ahead of any other park like fixing the wifi issues and adding more off lease areas.


Everything was clean and relatively easy to access there is onsite bus services.



The park has multiple pet walk areas and 1 fenced in area.  This needs upgrades to multiple fenced areas one is not nearly enough.


Wifi is good for short access extended access is an issue I ended up using a hotspot because my temperature monitor laptop would get kicked every 30 minutes or less.


5 campground experience

5 staff experience

5 facility experience

4 dog park

3 wifi experience


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